The purposes of this Association are:

  • To improve and promote the proficiency of soccer officials;
  • To promote and maintain the highest degree of soccer officiating by following a standard set of mechanics, consistent interpretation and administration of the rules of soccer as defined by affiliated organizations;
  • To provide trained, certified and capable officials;
  • To cooperate with organizations and institutions officially related to the game of soccer and furthering its interests and ideas.
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Want to become a referee? 

Find information about the process:


Entry level classes:

Find classes to become as a USSF referee:

Recert classes:

Find classes to recertify as a USSF referee. Check this calendar for classes near you:




DASOA fees cut

New fees are now:
Adults: $30
Younger than 21 years old: $20
**For those who have paid 2015 fees already, refunds will be sent**
See below how to pay online


Elections held at the AGM

VP: Maggie Short

Treasurer: Steve Wetzel 
Trustee (at-large): Jim Rowe

Newly elected
Doug Niekamp



Rules Variations For Fall 2014 Season

The Rules Variations have been updated as of Sept. 26, 2014

Download them here: 2014 Rules Variations (updated Sept. 2014)





The amount is $30 over 21, $20 for under 21.

Payment options are:

1.  Credit Card payment via (Paypal option below). Note: Does not require you have a Paypal account.

2.  Send payment via snail mail to:

PO Box 341436

Membership dues can now be paid via PayPal/credit card: 

2015 Dues Adult and Youth (under 21 Dec 2014)
Full Name (USSF register Name)

Referees wishing to continue as a member of DASOA must pay their dues. You can bring payment to any USSF recertification clinic, DASOA annual general meeting, or mail to Steve Wetzel (see address above).

To become a member, please download and complete the following Membership Application



Games and assignments:

These procedures are for MVYSA, CUSL, and TPL games. If the game in question is for another league, contact the assignor for that league FIRST, then use the procedure below if you are unable to reach the proper assignor.  Assignor contact information is at:

Contacts for Late Drops (no drop button available) and other last-minute emergencies:

1st) Email and

2nd) Call 937-732-5069 (On-Call Assignor) and,

3rd) Call 303-810-7341 (Mindy Clark) and,

4th) Send a text message to 303-810-7341 (Mindy Clark) and

5th) Call 937-321-6632 (Mark),

6th) Call 937-231-1855 (Pat),

7th) Call 937-435-5121 (Gary)

8th) Call 937-206-7017 (Shawna)

If you reach voicemail on any phone number above, ALWAYS leave a message!

NOTE: Do ALL of the steps above, IN ORDER, until you reach a live person or someone answers your email (or text message). If you get through all of the numbers start calling them all again in the order listed above.

Remember to always submit an online drop request via the system ASAP. Try to beat the 96-hour window by as much as possible so you do not HAVE to do the steps above. DASOA assignors are obligated to notify the Ethics Committee of ALL Late Drops including NO SHOWS.

People say you're nuts for being a referee?

An article recently published in Soccer America says they're right. Here's a humerous look at the world of a soccer referee: