The purposes of this Association are:

  • To improve and promote the proficiency of soccer officials;
  • To promote and maintain the highest degree of soccer officiating by following a standard set of mechanics, consistent interpretation and administration of the rules of soccer as defined by affiliated organizations;
  • To provide trained, certified and capable officials;
  • To cooperate with organizations and institutions officially related to the game of soccer and furthering its interests and ideas.
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The amount is $30 over HS and Youth, $10 for youth only officials.

Payment options are:

1.  Credit Card payment via (Paypal option below). Note: Does not require you have a Paypal account.

2.  Send payment via mail to:

PO Box 341436


Membership dues can now be paid via PayPal/credit card: 

2018 Member Dues Type
Full Name (USSF register Name)


Referees wishing to continue as a member of DASOA must pay their dues. You can bring payment to any USSF recertification clinic, DASOA annual general meeting, or mail to Steve Wetzel (see address above).

To become a member, please download and complete the following Membership Application


High School Referees


Here is a list of the remaining local rules meetings dates and times:

July 20- 6:00 p.m.- Wayne High School 
July 24- 6:00 p.m.- Kettering Rec Center
July 27- 6:00 p.m.- Wayne High School
July 31- 6:00 p.m.- Kettering Rec Center
August 3- 6:00 p.m.- Wayne High School
August 7- 6:00 p.m.- Kettering Rec Center
August 10- 6:00 p.m.- Wayne High School
August 12- 8:00 a.m.- Centerville High School

If you wish to attend the state meeting in person, it will be held at Centerville High School on Saturday, August 12 at 10:00 a.m.

If you are a Grade 2 High School Official and you are seeking upgrade, contact Alex Cardenas to set up an observation.

2017 Spring Season Rules Updates


Spring 2017 Rules variations document (PDF): (Print out and have a copy on hand at the fields)
Download a copy here



For MVYSA, CUSL, & TPL games contact or the on call assignor number 937-732-5069.  For BP games contact Geoff Darr or 937-672-0589.



Game conflicts - Note from youth assigning team

As the season is getting going, just a friendly reminder allow yourself time to get to the parks in a timely manner. Double check your schedule to make sure you do not have yourself double booked.
Your schedule is exactly that - your schedule!!!
As assignors we can run a conflict report in DASOA that will show us if you're double booked or if you're running from park to park and will not be able to be meet the times of the games.
Manage your schedule effectively. If the assigning team finds conflicts, you will be given the opportunity to opt off a game by your choice. If not, the assigning team can and will remove you from the game(s) in conflict. Make sure you are managing your schedule.
Thanks and have a great season.

Open game alerts

For those of you who are new to this, we send out emails each week (sometime multiple emails) with the open games for the upcoming weeks.  Games without a center will have **IN DANGER** next to them and will be postponed due to lack of referee coverage 48 hours in advance to notify the teams.  Our list will have C (center referee) and AR (Assistant Referee) positions listed.  Please check the schedules often as there will be game changes that come through and schedules change and new games/positions open up daily.  Always check the schedule prior to leaving for your field in case you missed an email with a game change or postponement.  We do have text message system for field closures through  If you would like to receive the text messages please sign up by texting DASOA to 84483 or visit the website and search DASOA to find us.

Log on to to pick up games.  Please  print up or save a copy to your smartphone of the rules variation spreadsheet as you will reference this throughout the season.  At the following link: Dayton+Area+Soccer+Officials+ Digital+Assets/DASOA+rules+ variations+Aug.+2016.pdf

2017 Spring Season Important Information


For those working games in the fall for DASOA, you must follow these procedures for all MVYSA, GCSL, CPL, and TPL games on the DASOA Youth Competitive site.

If the game in question is for another league, contact the assignor for that league FIRST, then use the procedure below if you are unable to reach the proper assignor.  

Assignor contact information is at:


Contacts for Late Drops (no drop button available) and other last-minute emergencies:

1st) Email and Call 937-732-5069 (On-Call Assignor).  If no one answers leave a message.  Give it a few minutes and whoever is on call will call you back.  If you do not reach a live person and do not hear back within 5 minutes then see below: 

2nd) Call or Send a text message to 937-206-7017 (Shawna Spada) 
3rd) Call or Send a text message to 937-203-6380 (Gerald)
4th) Call or Send a text message to 937-830-1482 (Lynne)
5th) Call or Send a text message to 937-361-4231 (Greg)
6th) Call or Send a text message to 937-789-3922 (Mark)

FOR BUCKEYE GAMES:  Contact Geoff Darr 937-672-0589

If you reach voicemail on any phone number above, ALWAYS leave a message!

Remember to always submit an online drop request via the system ASAP. Try to beat the 96-hour window by as much as possible so you do not HAVE to do the steps above. DASOA assignors are obligated to notify the Ethics Committee of ALL Late Drops including NO SHOWS.



2017 AGM (Annual General Meeting) Jan. 21


The AGM will be 
Saturday January 21 from 11:30-1:30 at Alter High School in the cafeteria (following the Grade 8 re-certification clinic).

Food and drinks will be provided. Food will start being served at 
11:30 with the meeting to start at 11:45.  There will be elections, a special guest speaker, prizes and more.  This is a great way to do your recert and come to the AGM.  If you have not joined DASOA yet you can join online at, or you can pay your dues at any recertification or the AGM.

Please RSVP for the AGM by emailing DASOA Assignor at by Jan. 15.


USSF re-cert classes


If you have not re-certified for the 2017 season, see the OSSRC calendar here for dates and times.


Become a USSF referee (and encourage others to be one too)


Ohio South is always looking for new referees.We want you to join that list or encourage others to join the ranks. 

See this link on about how to become a certified USSF referee.

Do you know the FIFA law changes for 2017?


As we approach the 2017 spring season, it's important to understand the law changes and overall review the Laws of the Game. Here are two links that can help with that provided by OSSRC.

2017 Laws of the Game - Full book

2017 Laws of the Game - IFAB/OSSRC changes





Rules Variations For 2016 Fall Season

Here is the Rules Variations file for the spring season. Make sure you have the most up-to-date version with you at the games.

Please download and print it now!

Download them here: Rules Variations

Weather delays 101: what you need to know

If your complex is closed the league will notify us, we will then close the field for the game in the game scheduling system and the refs on the game will get an email notification.  We also use a text message system from RainedOut that will send a text message if you are signed up to receive them.  You would need text the word DASOA to the number 84483 and then you will start receiving the text messages.  If your game has not been postponed/cancelled/or field closed then you need to report to your game 30 minutes prior.  You need to be listening for thunder and scanning for lightening.  If either is seen or heard you must start the 30 minute delay and restart that 30 minutes every time you see lightening or hear thunder.  It is up to the referee to call the game on site.  Please look at your rules variation spreadsheet for your games league to
 follow the correct procedure for inclement weather. 


People say you're nuts for being a referee?

An article recently published in Soccer America says they're right. Here's a humerous look at the world of a soccer referee:


Saturday January 23, 2016            6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

MVYSA Office, 7029 Taylorsville Rd, Huber Heights 

Instructors:    Baldeosingh and TBA

Registration: Mike Gauder

Saturday January 23, 2016            6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

MVYSA Office, 7029 Taylorsville Rd, Huber Heights 

Instructors:    Baldeosingh and TBA

Registration: Mike Gauder

USSF re-cert classes


If you have not re-certified for the 2017 season, see the OSSRC calendar here for dates and times.

USSF re-cert classes


If you have not re-certified for the 2017 season, see the OSSRC calendar here for dates and times.