Rating Criteria

2008 DASOA High School Referee Rating System

(Version 1.7)

1. The HS Referee Rating system is based on 4 elements; fitness, experience, knowledge and assessments. Each element has performance points assigned and each HS referee’s rating is based on the level of “demonstrated” performance in each of these areas.

2. We, in DASOA, firmly believe these 4 elements are the most valuable components for providing not only a quality product for our customers but also for the growth of each referee (as an individual) and for the organization (as a whole).

3. It is a goal of this organization to provide the necessary means and opportunities for every referee who wants to reach Level 1, to reach Level 1.

4. Initial game assignments will match Referee Level to Game Level (e.g. Level 1 referee is assigned to Level 1 rated game for Center (3-man) or Dual (2-man)).

5. After the initial game assignments, games are opened up to referees rated 1 level below the game level (e.g. Level 2 referee can select or be assigned to Level 1 game).

6. For the purpose of assigning AR’s, all games are rated 1 less (e.g. Level 2 referee can be assigned to AR position in Level 1 game). Additionally, the reserve games will be grade-matched to the varsity lines.

7. The system is dynamic, which means a Referee Rating is changed whenever information is provided that validates increased performance in any one of the four areas. Some activities are only offered at certain times during the year/season (e.g. Rules Test) and others can be obtained anytime within the year (e.g. Assessments).

8. While DASOA will use every means possible to obtain information on your behalf, it is the responsibility of each referee to ensure the information is accurate and to provide proof where there are inconsistencies.

9. You will be notified whenever your rating changes positively or negatively. You may also request your rating at any time.

10.Please use the form “Adjustment To Referee Rating” to request and submit evidence of changes in your Referee Rating. You must supply all the information requested on the form. In the case of updating Assessment information, you are required to include the signed copy of the assessment report provided to you by the assessor. Failed HS assessments will be submitted automatically by the DASOA Director of Assessments.

11.NISOA referees must:

a. NISOA referee must have a current certification.

b. Take and pass the HS written test

to attain the level 1 rating. Otherwise they will follow criteria below.

12.Referee levels are based on the points accumulated by a referee for all 4 elements. The levels are defined in the table below:


Total Points










Less than 5

13.A referee accumulates points based on his or her demonstrated abilities in the following 4 activities:




Addt’l Information

NISOA testing protocol

NISOA Requirements


Same points as USSF State Ratings

Fitness Runs

12 min; 200m; 50m

USSF State Requirements


USSF Age Biased Minimums


USSF Grade 7 Requirements


USSF Age Biased Minimums


Attempted USSF or DASOA Sponsored Run


Did not meet Age Biased Minimums

No Run


HS Experience

7+ years/100+


Varsity Centers/Duals

4-6 years/65+


Varsity Centers/Duals

3 years/35+


Varsity Centers/Duals

Less than 2 years/Under 35


Varsity Centers/Duals

Rules Test

Score 90%+


75% to 89% - options to retest for 1 pt. with score of 90%


Score below 74% or No Test



(highest level passed within past 3 years)

HS Level 1

State Cup (Round of 16)


DASL Div. 1 (Men)


HS Level 2

BPYSA (U17+)

Ohio South (U17+)

DASL Div 2 (Men)


HS 2 Person Rating – max. pts. *Special Limitation, see below


HS Level 3 or 4

Ohio South (U15 or 16)


No Assessment on Record


Adjustments to Assessment

Failed DASOA Assessment on HS Game at Current Level

Subtract 1 point from total

Failed DASOA Assessment on HS Game Level Below Current Level

Subtract 2 points from total

About the Run

· Information that supports a qualifying fitness run will be provided through the hosting association (NISOA, USSF or DASOA)

· NISOA and USSF State & Grade 7 fitness runs completed before the calendar year, which provide certification for the following year, count towards the current year HS Fitness Run

· DASOA Director of Training will provide DASOA Fitness Run events throughout the spring and summer preceding the HS season

· Any USSF registered referee attending a USSF sponsored Fitness run may count it towards their HS Fitness run

About HS Experience

· Game count is provided through DASOA records or by a referee who provides the necessary information from an out-of-state organization (e.g. photocopies of HS schedules provided by an out-of-state HS assignor)

· Years of experience is provided through DASOA records or by a referee who provides the necessary information from an out-of-state organization (e.g. photocopy of a HS license with the years of experience noted on the license)

About the Rules Test

· Test will be between 50-75 questions

· Test will be an online or classroom based

· Passing grade for the on line test is 90%

· Test will be a combination of general soccer rules, referee mechanics and rules of the game specific to HS

· Referees who pass the OHSAA Class 1 or Class 2 upgrade or entry exam may request an exemption from the test and still receive two points (for the current HS season only)

About Assessments

We have arranged the rating points so it is possible for highly experienced and fit referees to attain the second-highest rating without an assessment. In general, it will be required for referees to have assessments to achieve the highest rating, in order to be eligible to be assigned top level games in the initial assignment process. We intend for assessment to count for a period of 3 years, reflecting the rate at which we can expect to make assessments.

In an effort to give referees every opportunity to be observed for the purposes of HS ratings, any full-game assessment can contribute to your overall rating. In general the highest level for which you have a passing assessment within the past 3 years will count toward your HS rating, even if that rating comes from a USSF (90 minute game)assessment. We don't want there to be any possible de-motivation from the HS side to pursue USSF or NISOA assessments, so we will only count those when positive. Negative assessments will negatively impact ratings ONLY if they cannot be neutralized by a positive assessment, only if they are HS assessments and only if they are on games at or below your current rating. We want it to be advantageous for you to take upgrade games for assessment. Also, positive assessments will be reflected in the rating system as soon as practical to change them in the system – even within the season. Negative assessments in the season may impact ratings immediately, depending upon circumstances.

Experience referee who elect to referee only high school dual systems and/or act as an assist referee in a diagonal system, can be assessed on a dual system varsity match, but they can only achieve a maximum of two points.

They will also be restricted to matches that are rated at a game level 3 and lower and not allowed the one grade up rate after the initial game assignments.

Key Points

· All requested assessments must follow the guidelines stipulated in the Assessments section of the DOSOA website.

· All USSF/NISOA/HS assessments count:

- USSF and NISOA assessment can only count positively

- HS assessments can count positively, negatively, or not at all. In the cases where the teams’ performances are such that the game is not played at the rated level, points will not be added or subtracted. Games such as this are rare, and the assessed official will be given the opportunity for another (one) assessment paid for by DOSOA. The assessed official is responsible for requesting the second assessment within the guidelines stipulated in the Assessment section of the DASOA website.

· Failed HS assessments (at or below your current level) neutralize the highest available positive assessment, or count -1 or -2 if there are no neutralizing positives

- The lowest “assessment value” is zero

· All assessments in the past 3 years CAN count. Points are allocated on the best score available in the last 3 years, after any positive assessments are neutralized if applicable.


· You have a 4 point (DASL Men Div 1), a 2 point (HS Level 3). You get 4 points.

· You have a 5 point, a 4 point and at 2 point assessment along with one fail. You get 4 points.

· You have a 2 point assessment and pass a 4 point assessment in September. You immediately get 4 points and an upgrade if appropriate.

· You have a 4 point a 2 point assessment and have 4 points. You fail an assessment at or below HS Level 2 game. You lose 2 points going from 4 to 2, your rating changes (if appropriate) for new pickups. Current assignments may be changed by assignor.

· You only have 1 failure on record on a game:

- Above your level à 0 points

- At your level à -1 point

- Below your level à -2 points

· You have 2 HS Level 1 (5 point) assessments and fail one. You maintain 5 points in the system -- but lose the 'safety margin' of having 2.

· You have 2 HS Level 2 (4 point) assessments and pass a 2 point assessment. It will be recorded but the rating will not change.